Habits: Like the part of driving that requires no attention.

The difference between the way we drive the first time behind the wheel and the way be do it two years later is obvious.  At first, every move is done consciously and often awkwardly.  Some people are very tense and nervous for quite a while when earning. Learning to drive is all about developing habits.  Very good drivers have learned habits that keep them safe and allow them to use a lot of their attention taking care of the unexpected things.

We learn a lot of things about life, itself, when we are very young. We do it by imitating what other people do. If we have good models, we are likely to develop useful habits.  If we are neglected or taught poor ways of doing things, we will often trip over the habits we build.

It is a good thing to be able to accomplish our adult goals and concentrate our awareness on new tasks and new pleasures. We get to do that a lot more when we have developed skills ( good habits ) and are confident that we can continue to learn new ones.  Everyone has both useful habits and crummy  ones.  You could say that Think Right Now, is all about revamping old habits and  replacing them with new skills.  Skills are nothing more than useful habits.

I began playing the fiddle about 35 years ago.  I had an old fiddle but I had no teacher.  Learning to play it all by my self was difficult and a bit painful ( especially for my partner ).  I kept at it and enjoyed it, but  to this day I  don’t really sound like the fiddle I would like to be. I learned to play it, but I developed a boat load of bad habits.  Why didn’t I get a good teacher that showed me the “right” way to hold the fiddle, the right  way to use the bow?  Why don’t I do it NOW?

I suppose I don’t do it now for the same reason that people don’t start using Think  Right Now to remodel their crummy habits. First, the make the mistake of thinking that there is no way to to “teach and old dog new tricks.

Mike Brescia has spent a huge amount of time  studying this problem. Experimented with  many methods to polish up his own, personal set of  ineffective habits and developed “Think Right Now”   He watched it work with many thousands of people who DID decide they’d had enough of awkward, self-defeating habits and limiting beliefs.

I am amazed that people don’t just JUMP on the opportunity that Mike is offering them.  I guess it’s just like me, scratching away on the fiddle and not getting me a great fiddle teacher.

Visit Mikes website and take good look at the life issues that he has taken on with his method. Read the testimonials of  those folk that DID  “jump on”  the chance to remodel the habits that held them back.  Pick a program that addresses one of your “junk” habits. Follow it.  You can’t lose.  Just look at the money back guarantee you get!

I wish he would come out with one fiddle playing!  I doubt he will, but  there is one on procrastination. So what am I waiting for?

Check it out here.


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